About us

S&P Financial services LLC’s survey, conducted last year in Dec. 2015, found 76% of Indian adults financially illiterate unaware of even basic prevalent financial terms affecting their day to day life directly or indirectly hence sometimes failing to enjoy money on account of unawareness of its flow and its prudent uses. In term of gender gap in our country about 70% of men and 80% of women are not being financially literate far behind than US and European nations. It’s a great need of presenting encapsulated interactive financial one stop digital platform with more simplistic, responsive, interesting, interactive and making it mug of tea for everyone. Your wait is over; we are here; we are Financial Grip, your digital faithful financial friend and guide.

It’s who we are

We were never taught to enjoy, maximize and spending prudentially our personal income at school or university. There is a great need of a simplistic and all at one stop digital platform to guide our energetic and knowledge seeking crowd of corporate professionals and youngsters of key financial terms and activities as money doesn’t grow on tree. We always hesitate to make investment fearing that our valuable money investment may go in vain irrespective of knowing the fact that it may bring fruitful result to our family all because of lack of solid financial understanding and even if we wish to make our mind and start quick search to look for the finance guru; we just get late and the opportunity expires out. We, Financial Grip, endeavor to encapsulate the all for the financial understanding from information to prudent use of your investment in business and buying personal products with the easiest and fun approach hence empowering you for smart financial understanding for money investments and prudent spending. We believe firmly finance is one aspect that affects everybody day to day life. We have no stone unturned from the financial point of view from awareness of financial terminology and money investment for every necessity for a standard modern life.

It’s what we promise

We promise to deliver and bring the complete financial aspects of your life whether you are willing to grasp and make your strong hold on fundamental financial terms, making decision for future investment, buying a gadget and automobile to getting tips and inspiration for the startups with our short yet thorough and interactive content developed by our expert team of ‘Finance Nazis’ and getting fun while you digest financial queries and your crucial financial steps in life. We may truly call ourselves as your personal financial guide and friend. Financial Grip let you to browse and click on to make your day to day life financial activities a fun and guiding you to choose the prudent one choice and help you to make you a hero & financial guru in your family, your company or your friend group.

It’s what we vision for

We started just recently and our philosophy is being dearer with simpler, better, refined and quicker service to our enormous people not just by informing them but letting people to hold grip on and appreciate the vital role of finance in our luxurious & prosperous living.

We, at Financial Grip, are visioned for a highly financially literate India, the country with the highest number of youth, emerging as the most chosen global name for the financial guiding and reference as we believe in a healthy competition. Hence, we, Financial Grip, are here to redefine the glory of finance in our happier prosperous life in the easiest and interactive manner.

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