Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Becomes Richest Person On Planet – Net Worth Crosses $100 Billion

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

The Amazon Founder, CEO and Chairman Jeff Bezos has again took the crown of world’s richest person.

He is the new entrant in the billionaire list with a net worth of $100 billion.

The Black Friday sales of 2017 has majorly pushed his net worth up by a mark of $2.4 billion which made him the latest to join the billionaire list with such money.

Bezos covers a net worth around about $100.3 billion presently, and the Amazon shares too saw a  jump of more than 2 percent after a positive outlook for the Black Friday sales.As per a report, the online sales increased f Amazon has increased by a mark of 18.4 per cent in comparison to the sale of last year as reported by Adobe Analytics.

Now with the huge increase in the sales, the Amazon investors are confident that Amazon will have a secure place with ‘an outsized share’ with increased online sales figure.

The annual net worth of Bezos has seen a increase by $32.6 billion this year, the largest increase in the net worth for any person listed on ‘Bloomberg Billionaires Index’.

The $100 billion mark feat by Bezos is the second on list, as Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft reached the 12 figure market for net worth back in 1999.

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