Amazon & Google Are at War

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

At the recent CES event, it was very clear how both the tech giants are waging a war against each other.

Google has plastered their digital billboards and also the Las Vegas Monorail with their “Hey Google” wake-up command. The company also announced a wide range of new gadgets featuring their assistant preloaded on everything from smart displays to pressure cookers with some of the partner firms’ booths with explaining how Google’s technology works.

Amazon on the other, has grabbed an early lead in their zone, and took a way for a more subtle approach. Not getting into the advertising blitz, they have products across the convention – starting from mirrors to toilets to headphones and even car dashboards.

The other two, Apple with Siri, and Microsoft with Cortana – are in a fierce struggle to establish their assistants, with Google and Amazon with a bigger share of market with their digital assistants.

From the decades-old battle between the iPhone and Android in smartphones, or the much older fight between Apple Mac computers and Microsoft Windows PCs, the new war is for the space of digital assistants.

Both Google and Amazon see the competition in their existential terms. Recently, the shut out of the voice devices are a big imperil for Google’s lucrative digital-advertising business, the a major source of their financial strength.

Amazon, meanwhile, are in a need to ensure that their customers are able to directly access their “everything store” in contrast to now, and want people to shop via devices and software systems controlled by the Amazon’s rivals.

For the consumers, the assistants will keep offering some convenience in the form of an ever-present digital concierge around them.

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