With Android O in Place Google Starts Working on the next – Android P

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

With less than two weeks, Google unveiled their official Android Oreo, Google has other plans in mind. The procedure to roll out the Android O to the consumer versions is still in process, and only been transferred to a few batches of devices, and Google has already started to work on the next.

The next Android version will be called the Android P. It was spotted by the XDA Developers, and the website informed first how Google has started to work on a AOSP called as ‘master-p‘, which clearly indicates at the making of Android P.

Even the codes on the AOSP is indicating that the Android P is ready, and is already under the testing phase on the Google phones – Pixel and Pixel XL.

Plus, the XDA reports also suggested, that there will be a number of changes made in the latest Android P.

The new version_defaults.mk file mention – PLATFORM_VERSION_CODENAME=P, TARGET_PRODUCT=marlin and TARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION=PPR1

Well, looking at one part of the AOSP code, it mentions that ‘master is p only, which removes old values’.

Android P will be the next Android version, and will carry a big launch. It will carry a new version number – Android 9.0

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