Bajaj Allianz Launches First Ever Cyber Crime Insurance

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With the increasing cyber attacks, millions of individuals and corporations are vulnerable to cyber crime.

For the first time in India, insurance company Bajaj Allianz will start to provide cover for the individual victims of cyber attacks.The cyber crimes includes list of online fraud, identity theft, cyber stalking and extortion, phishing and malware attack.

As per the insurance, the individuals will be able to shop over-the-counter insurance as their new Cyber Safe policy, specially designed by Bajaj Allianz.

This will bring customer security for the transactions they are making on any ecommerce website or digital payments app or payments gateway. This will also cover all the sharing of confidential financial information.

There are several important data saved across devices and platforms and sometimes shared, the risks are very high that important data will be stolen.

The cyber theft cover will work according to the changing risk profile of the insurance holder.

 cyber crime insurance

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