Everybody Congratulate Abu Dhabi Police for Including Lykan Hyper Sport Car Into Patrol Duty

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After watching  Fast & furious 7 everyone must have dreamt for Lykan Hyper Sport car.This was the  first time when billion of people watch Lykan Hyper sport car stunts & features so closely.Lykan Hyper Sport car is the most luxurious car of the world.The production of the car is very limited.The company manufactured only 7 cars &  three were sold.The car is produced by W motors.The price of Lykan Hyper sport car is $3.4 million.If we convert it into Indian currency that mean price of the car is Rs 217175000.Lykan Hyper Sport is most expensive car ever in the world.The car is well known for luxurious creativity.The car headlights & other accessories are made with diamond & gold.The performance of the car is mind blowing.The car come with 3866cc engine with 385kmph speed.The car take 2.8 second for 100km. 




Now Dubai , A well known City is inself a luxury city .There you will can get glance of All Cars from Porsche to Bentley to Rolce Royce and now they have added Lykan Hypersport car to their City Portfolio and that `s not all. They have granted the Lykan to their Police Department , yes right .The highly luxurious and third expensive car has been drafted for Dubai Police Force to catch the cops and criminals.They are going to get tough time ahead.


Aren`t you surprised one of the fastest and expensive car , whom all dreamt off are going into the hands of Police.Dubai Police is really lucky they have used earlier luxury cars like Bugatti Veyron, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, Ferrari FF, and McLaren etc.Like Dubai , its Police Department also believes in luxury lifestyle.This is a perfect combination of luxury city with luxury cars.

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