Facebook’s Messenger to Turn into Tinder

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

How about a date?

But with your own friend.

Yes, it sounds pretty terrible. But to our surprise, it seems Facebook has again decided to pull in some popular service’s feature like it did with Snapchat and Instagram (it own’s the latter now though). This time it’s the Messenger app, and it’s now testing a very Tinder-like feature, and users have spotted it.

Well, it looks interesting, as it will let you talk to people and will even schedule meet-ups with them. First you see the profile, choose the ones you like, and Facebook will fix a meet-up if you both have a mutual response. With this Tinder-like feature, Messenger will be your next dating destination.

Reportedly Facebook is testing out an all new feature for their messaging platform Messenger. The feature will help you connect with your friends by accepting or declining to meet up with them, just like Tinder. Motherboard reported, how Facebook’s new Tinder-like could be awful for so many people. It will show you a variety of Friends in the Messenger app, and you can choose from them who you want to meet. You can easily respond with a Yes or No Thanks, and you will get a notification when both the parties get a mutual response.

The feature seems to be in the beta stage, and is currently available to a few people in Canada and New Zealand. It is still unclear, what will Facebook call this feature, may be – I Copy Tinder (Kidding!).


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