Why Facebook’s Plan to turn Messenger into Tinder is an Awful Idea? The Inside Story

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A Facebook spokesperson told that they are running a very small test with the Messenger app to make things easy for the users, as many people often use Facebook to make plans with their friends. As of now, the test is limited to a very few people in some parts of Toronto and New Zealand, on both iOS and Android.

Dating apps like Tinder or Hot or Not work the same way, and it isn’t hard to find the similarities between this feature and the dating apps. But with Facebook, it may connect you only to people you already know or you could have already reached on the Messenger app.

Facebook messenger now tinder

This new feature on Facebook does seem odd, but there’s even a silver lining to it. Like that crush on your friendlist, or someone you have been meaning to meet for a really long time, with this meet-up feature, it could be a good dealbreaker.

As like most of the Facebook’s tests, if this meet-up feature gets a bit of traction, Facebook will roll it out to all. It’s still unclear whether people will have an option to opt out of it or not. And what is Tinder thinking about Facebook’s new feature?

Long story short, now you can order food on Facebook, send money, chat with your friends and soon might be able to hook up too!


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