Finally ‘Delete for Everyone’ For Whatsapp Rolls Out in India

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The most anticipated feature on Whatsapp has finally rolled out, and makes it’s way to India. NOW DELETE SENT TEXTS!

This will now allows the users to revoke their sent texts in case you have sent a wrong text to a person, or a text to a wrong person or a group. Though, you can only delete the text for everyone within seven minutes after sending.

After the time frame of seven minutes, you cannot delete the text for everyone.

If you want to use the latest feature, for the texts to be successfully deleted for everyone, both the users need to have the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iOS or Windows platforms.

The messages which will be successfully deleted for everyone, the texts will get replaced with “This Message Was Deleted” in the chatbox of recipients chats.

At the same time, if you will see “This Message Was Deleted” in your chatbox, which directs that the sender have deleted their text for everyone.

How It Works?
First update your app, and open your WhatsApp, then go to the chat which you want to delete, and tap and hold the text.

How to Delete Multiple Texts at Once?
You will get a DELETE option in the menu. Plus, you can delete multiple texts at a time. To delete multiple texts at once, select the texts you want to delete, and them tap on “Delete for Everyone“.

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