Google Pay Launched, Will Come to India With Google Tez

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

Google has announced a new digital payments service called Google Pay, which will integrate with their previous Android Pay. The Google Pay will now bind of two of the existing payment services from Google – Android Pay and Google Wallet.

The new Google Pay aims to make things simple for the international users and can use it for different services online.

The new Google Pay will help users with their payment information in the Google Account, and the details will serve as a way for easy checkout.

The payment info can be saved on the platforms like Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Play and more, and users can use it for easy buying of the content on the web, videos or movies and any app.

The Google Pay will integrate with customised Indian payments app Google Tez, and users can now directly pay from their bank accounts so no separate account or worry pf reloading wallets.
The app also comes with a special Cash Mode, which enables the users to instantly send (and receive too) money to or from nearby Tez users without the need of sharing details like bank account or your phone number.
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