Google Rolls Out Two Wheeler Mode On Maps in India

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Google has added a new feature on their Maps, which will now show ETAs and maps specially designed for two wheelers.

The new feature is directed towards improving how people will navigate in and around the towns, cities and even other planets.

It’s a perfect addition for the users who have been waiting for a dedicated and more customized two wheeler mode on the Google Maps.

The newest addition is an India-first feature and Google has started to roll out the ‘two wheeler mode’ as a separate mode of transport on their Google Maps.

One can see a motorcycle icon when you need to choose a vehicle or mode of transport.

The new update may not show up on all the devices and the users using Maps of the version v9.67.1 will get to see the mode, and has been restricted only a handful of Android devices only for the time being.

Google has recently updated their Maps in mid-November, and the latest update has a number of key additions with customized design tweaks.

The all new Google Maps has options to see what is happening around which even includes updates on closing of a road, opening and closing time of a business, metro stations and other local events.

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