Now Pay With Facebook – Company To Launch ‘Red Envelope’ Feature

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

Facebook presently allows peer-to-peer payments through their in-chat Messenger app. Even their WhatsApp Pay will soon launch in India.

But the social media giant can’t keep calm, and will soon allow cash transactions with their native app too.

red envelope

The Red Envelope feature is very similar to the WeChat‘s Pay feature, is an integrated payments service on the social messaging app.

Early this year, Facebook launched their group payments feature on their Messenger app, and one can pay with the peer-to-peer payments mechanism.

red envelope

The Android and desktop users will be now able to send or receive transfers between groups on their Messenger.

Well this feature is only available in US only for now, and the company is palling onto extend the feature in the future.

With payments to other group members, one can even request for funds from the group right within the chat window.

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