Now Post Instagram Stories as Whatsapp Statuses

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You soon will be able to post your Instagram Stories as Whatsapp Statuses. Facebook is working on a small feature where now the Instagram users will be able to directly post their Instagram “Stories” directly to their WhatsApp account as statuses.

The new feature will let users post decorated photos, videos, and GIFs on WhatsApp which will disappear after 24 hours.

The Instagram Story can be posted to the Whatsapp as Status and will be encrypted like the rest of the Whatsapp.

The company is testing ways how they can improve the experience on the Instagram app which will make it easy to share any of the moments with the people who matter to you.

Both the features are actually the clones of its rival app Snapchat, which now has 173 million daily active users.

Facebook rolled out the same feature that will let the users to share ‘Instagram Stories’ directly to their ‘Facebook Stories’.

It is now available for the users in US will be officially soon rolled out for everyone in the world.

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