See Where You Have Bank Accounts With Aadhaar Your Number

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

UIDAI, the authority which issues the Aadhaar in India will now allow people to check online where they have bank accounts, and whether they has been linked to their Aadhaar with the Bank Mapper website.

The new online service will have a OTP based service, where the server will send the user a OTP on their registered mobile number, where it should be keyed in to see which bank the Aadhaar number has been linked to.

Though, there’s another way one can check this, but unfortunately, it does not have the authentication threshold to safeguard the account with OTP. Anyone with the Aadhaar ID can now see which bank account it has been linked to.

UIDAI also tweeted a number that allows any user anyone to check if their bank account is linked with their Aadhaar via an SMS.
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