Telcos Set Up Camps, Post Special Vehicles To Link Aadhaar At Rural Areas

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To support government’s initiative of linking Aadhaar with mobile numbers, the big telecom companies are coming with user friendly ways to help users, especially for the customers in rural areas.

To speed up the process of linking mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar has been mandated by the government. Airtel has set up special camps at the remote areas for rural subscribers to complete their Aadhaar-based SIM re-verification process.

Vodafone has recently despatched special vehicles to the rural places in Rajasthan to assist customers with their linking of SIM and Aadhaar numbers at their doorsteps. Idea also has set up some of the temporary canopies in several rural locations.

The government has recently made it mandatory for the telecom operators to ensure and re-verify that all the subscribers are linked with their respective Aadhaar numbers. To accelerate the linking process, telcos are coming with ways to help rural customers so that can easily re-verify their numbers.

The last date for the telecom companies and customers to re-verify their Aadhaar numbers with phones numbers is now February 6, 2018.

Though completing the process of linking 1.18 billion mobile numbers with their respective Aadhaar numbers is going to be a herculean task for the telecom operators, and companies are easing up the process in the areas where accessibility is very low.

The company has set up mobile vans in remote areas so that customers can link their SIM cards with their Aadhaar numbers. With assisting customers to re-verify their Aadhaar numbers, the mini-vans from Vodafone are helping rural customers to upgrade their 2G and 3G to 4G as an add-on service.

Idea has posted special teams who are visiting the homes of the senior citizens and physically challenged customers to help with the verification of their Aadhaar numbers using biometrics.

Supreme Court has ordered to deactivate the numbers which are not linked to the Aadhaar account. A special Constitution bench is working on the validity of the 12-digit Aadhaar identity number.

Though the government has claimed that the Supreme Court has approved that it’s mandatory to link Aadhaar to their mobile numbers.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) also launched a new process to facilitate the re-verification procedure of mobile numbers with one-time passcode or OTP based verification.
Though the telecom operators have raised concerns over the implementation of the OTP-based process, as it poses a technical challenge which the companies will not be able to resolve the given time frame.

The telecom operators will need around 4-6 weeks to modify their necessary technical changes, and once the DoT modifies the CAF for implementing the OTP-based process, the telecom companies will incorporate their apps throughout India for easy linking process.

The process will make it easy on the part of both users and telecom companies to reach to the government’s deadline faster.
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