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Bajaj Allianz Launches First Ever Cyber Crime Insurance

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With the increasing cyber attacks, millions of individuals and corporations are vulnerable to cyber crime. For the first time in India, insurance company Bajaj Allianz will start to provide cover for the individual victims of cyber attacks.The cyber crimes includes list of online fraud, identity theft, cyber stalking and extortion, phishing and malware attack. As

China Life and Baidu Launching a Mammoth $1 Billion Internet Fund

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As per Reuters, China Life Insurance Group Co and Baidu Inc will be forming a 7 billion yuan ($1 billion) private equity fund soon, which will be primarily targeting the internet and other technology investments, on the China Life’s listed arm on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Though the other counterpart Baidu Fund Partnership will be

Heath Insurance: Why you should be getting one?

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Whether getting a Medicare or Health Insuranceis worth it, has been a question for many. To clear out all the misconceptions, issues and to give a clear idea about the health insurance, this article has been sketched out. Firstly, no one plans to get sick. It all happens by chance, or a minor accident, or