Truecaller Reveal New Features – Number Scanner and Fast Track

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Truecaller will roll out two new features in a few days, probably by this week – Number Scanner and Fast Track.

  1. Number Scanner

This feature will help the users to scan any number directly from any business card or website or street signs or anything which is readable. This will eliminate the need to manually enter a number to search for.

  1. Fast Track Numbers

This feature will only be available in India, and will integrate toll free numbers of emergency services like police, fire, medical care, women’s helpline, roadside assistance and others. This will also include all the other essential categories which will also work without any internet connectivity

How will Scanning Numbers Help?

The scanning numbers will help to scan numbers instead of QR codes, so that users can pay directly using the Truecaller Pay payment platform.

How Effective is the Scanning?

One can directly scan numbers into their phone with the help of Truecaller app, and can use it within seconds to connect or make a payment.

How will Fast Track Numbers Work?

In any sort of critical moment, one can reach out to the emergency service with a single tap with the Fast track numbers. It can even work without any internet.

Google Duo Integration

Truecaller has recently integrated with the video calling app Google Duo, which now allows the users to make a video call directly from the Truecaller app.

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