Union Budget 2018 – Products Which Got Cheaper & Expensive

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The Union Budget for 2018 was announced yesterday by FM Arun Jaitley and several changes announced has been made. The new budget will determine the future of business and economy.

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The budget had very little for the salaried employees and consultants, or the businesses and corporations, but had a lot in bag for the agro based population and health sector.

Products Which Are Expensive Now

  • Imported mobile phones will be cost more.

  • TV Spare Parts and TV accessories from outside India.

  • Pre packed fruit and vegetable juices.

  • Orange juice will now be taxed 35% and Cranberry juice will be taxed 50%.

  • Cosmetics and perfumes will now be taxed 20%.

  • Dental hygiene products will be taxed 20%.

  • Deodorants and shaving products will be taxed 20%.

  • Both the natural and lab-produced diamonds will be more expensive by 5%.

  • Imitation jewellery.

  • All furniture related products and mattresses.

  • Sports equipments.

  • Vegetable oils, Cottonseed oil and Groundnut oil.

  • Imported watches and clocks.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Any sort of miscellaneous food preparations.

  • Sunscreen, suntan, manicure and pedicure preparations.

  • Hygiene products

  • Radial tyres of buses and trucks will increase.

  • Video game consoles and children’s toys.

  • Toilet sprays.

  • Equipments for the outdoor games, swimming pools and any type of paddling pools.

Products Which Are Now Cheaper

  • Petrol and diesel prices reduced by Rs 2.

  • Cashews are cheaper.

  • Solar tempered glasses.

  • Raw materials for cochlear implants.

  • Some components in electronics manufacturing like ball screws and linear motion guides.

  • Multiple reductions in healthcare expenses.

  • Prices of items like bricks, tiles and construction products.
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