Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus – Which One You Should Buy?

This post was written by: Vishal aaditya

Two companies who have done pretty well in terms of sales and fan base in India are Xiaomi and Motorola.

Both have a huge following, and their phones are a huge hit the country. Their recent mid-range flagship offerings have started out a new war. Motorola’s Moto G5S Plus and Xiaomi’s Mi A1 share a same sheet of specs with hardly something to differ at very similar prices.

Moto held an advantage over Xiaomi in the past with their stock Android, and incidentally this Xiaomi phone supports stock Android under the Android One Initiative of Google.

So, which one you should buy? That will be a hard question to answer, but we can do a quick comparison.

Design and Build

Both offer a sturdy metal built, but Mi A1 with a slim and sleek body, feels better to be held.


Both phones are quick with Snapdragon 625 clubbed with 4GB of RAM, and does a great job with heavy multitasking. But memory management is better in Mi A1.

Display and Storage

Both offer a same display (5.5 inch LTPS Full HD Display) and internal onboard storage (64GB), so it’s a tie.


Image processing and color accuracy is great on both phones, but due to two different lenses (wide and telephoto lens), Mi A1 holds an edge. You can take some impressive portrait bokeh shots.

  1. Rear Camera – Mi A1
  2. Front Camera – Moto G5S Plus


Results are close, but Mi A1 offers slightly better battery backup.


Mi A1 is priced at Rs. 14,999,

and, Moto G5S Plus is priced at Rs. 15,999. Both the devices offer very similar performances and software experience. So, it’s really hard to decide. But, if we had to pick one, if will be the Xiaomi Mi A1


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